Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Miss Cassie's Wedding -- May 23, 2009

We had the pleasure of attending Cassie and Harley's wedding this Saturday. (Cassie is our cousin, but to Eden she is Miss Cassie --- gymnastics teacher. Eden's gymnastic class ended in February, we haven't started attending a new class yet but do have plans too.) What a beautiful day for a wedding out in the country. And, Cassie looked AMAZING!

Eden watching Cassie and Harley taking some wedding pictures.

Eden pictured with Miss Cassie at the reception............ After Cassie left our table to greet others, I noticed Eden was still looking and in awe of her (Cassie) so I asked....Sweetie, what are you starring at? She answered, "Miss Cassie Mommy---------She is beautiful. She looks like a princess." The whole time still not taking her eyes off of Cassie. It melted my heart! Of course I had to agree with her, Cassie is a very beautiful girl inside and out and she made a lovely bride.

Eden and Sydney (cousin)---- SWEET! SWEET! SWEET PICTURE!!!!!

Me, Eden and Kari (cousin)

May 20, 2009

We went outside today to plant flowers in our flower pots, but I asked Eden if she would like to wash off her old beach toys while I started on the flowers and she was thrilled to do that.........(this meant getting to play/use the water hose)........................ ......So, when I brought out the "Dawn" soap for her to use the excitement raised to an even higher level! When I look at this picture I can hear all of that happiness!!!! I love it!!!

Fun, Fun, Fun!!!!!! After playing, she was a great helper, by watering the flowers I had just planted. This involved using the water hose so she was up for the job. Ha Ha!

May 21, 2009

We took a walk this morning and when we turned unto the road to visit our animal friends, as you can see, they seen us coming and all headed to the fence to say Hello and I'm sure were hoping we had brought a snack along with us. We didn't disappoint them. When Eden seen this picture she started laughing and said, "Momma, that's funny! They are trying to hide from us!"
I was thinking the same thing. Ha Ha!

Everyone gets a snack today.......

"No fighting!!!!..........Be Nice To Each Other!!!!!!!.......

My Baby Girl.....

Later in the evening I gave Eden a little something that I had picked up for her. I thought she might enjoy doing/planting her own tomato plant.

Before planting......

After planting......

So, we'll see if it will grow. Will keep you updated. Also, Eden did have on clothes (shorts and top) today, even though in all of these pictures she is in her pjs and a gown. She loves changing her clothes lots and lots of times during the day.
The following video I wanted to share. Let me explain a little first. Yesterday we had taken a walk to see the animals and afterward I told Eden that we needed to go back home the short way......that I needed to use the bathroom. Today, while visiting the animals, out of the blue she came up to me (full force), grabbed me (in the crotch area) and said, " Do you need to pee today, Mommy?", I told her NO (and to not grab me like that and in that area of the body). She said, "Good, today we can walk the long way home." ------------ At the end of this video she mentions taking the long way home again..........

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


My beautiful baby girl and wonderful husband made this day so very special, but then again they are all special because God has blessed me with my precious daughter, Eden (and also my (own) wonderful mother.....I love you, Mom!).......... Eden, when you read this one day, never forget, you didn't grow under my heart but in it. I love you SO very much, from my heart all the way to heaven and back down into your little bitty heart, forever and always!!!!

We didn't get any pictures before going to church, but were able to get a few later in the afternoon at my parents house.

I had to take my Mother's Day (music/message) card to show it off to everyone. I will try to get it on video of the message that Eden recorded for me saying Happy Mother's Day and even Tallie barked once and you can also hear Eddie's voice (where he is instructing Eden on what to do) if you listen real close, so all of my loves are on it.

After church we first stopped by Granny's.............

.....then onto Meme & Pappy's house. In Sunday School that morning one of the projects the kids worked on and gave to their Moms was a small cup with a big ribbon around it filled with different kinds of hard candies. Eden was so excited when giving me this after Sunday school, but as soon as she handed it to me she asked for it back and started picking out the peppermint candies, then she gave me the cup back and said (with the sweetest smile on her face), "I took these out because Pappy likes this kind of candy, so I'll give these to him today". I just had to laugh and say o.k. that will be good. ------- Later that afternoon when we got to my parent's house that was the first thing she said to him, "Here Pappy, these are for you, Happy Mother's Day!!" Of course it melted my Dad's heart that Eden wanted him to have a gift also. Too bad I didn't get that on video.

Not until downloading my pictures did I realize that I didn't get a picture of me with my mom or the three of us (mom, Eden and me) together this year. But, I did have a couple of Mom and Eden. One of Eden giving her her flower and this one below. Eden was still trying to wake up but I still thought it was sweet.

Last Part of April

April 27, 2009

With such beautiful weather on this day, we all wanted to be outside. Eddie and I had our "one" job each, while our super-girl Eden multi-tasked. She first started off with her "job" of washing the stroller and boy did she have a lot of fun doing this.

Then she was off to help her Daddy wash the car.....
and after that she watered the flowers I had just planted. She is the best "big" helper ever!!!!!

April 28, 2009
Happy Birthday Pappy!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Some New Friends

Eden finally got "up close" with some friends that we see often when we go for a walk. She met a Shetland pony named Star Dancer and a Jenny mule named Jenny May. They both were really gentle and we also found out that it would be o.k. for us to bring them a snack from time to time. So, we have been back often and they LOVE seeing us come.
Getting Kisses from Star Dancer.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


The Easter Bunny came and left a little something for Miss Eden and Tallie Anne.

Good Morning Pretty Girl!!!! Happy Easter!!!!

I thought this was sweet of Eden.......thinking of Tallie first before getting into her her own Easter stuff..........."Here Tallie, the Easter bunny left this for you."

A Dora fishing pole!!!!

A Pig!!

Eden named her pig, "Piggy".

A new "Biscuit" book!!

Tallie with one of her Easter treats.

Eden also finished decorating her eggs by putting princess stickers on them.

Leaving for church, but had to get a few pictures of Eden in her Easter dress first (with her new Piggy).

Sunday afternoon at the Wilson Easter get-together. (Eddie's moms side of the family).

Eden waiting patiently while Daddy and the other guys hide the eggs.


Hey Guys, look at this big egg!!!!!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!!!

Eden had a bucket full of eggs and goodies.

Checking it all out.

And....... Eden just had to get a few minutes of "jumping" in before leaving.