Saturday, May 24, 2008

Going on Vacation ---- May 2008

It is always very busy and yes, a little tiring getting prepared to leave on vacation, but more then anything it is EXCITING! We did stop for the night in Valdosta, Georgia on our way down to the beach, but when coming home we drove straight through. Eden is a great little traveler. In the first picture I posted, I gave it the title of " Got Popcorn?" I thought she looked so sweet and funny with that big bag of kettle corn I had made before leaving. We love popcorn at our house!
Mother's Day is so very special to me, how can it not be with the child God has blessed me with! On this Mother's Day we were traveling and my mom (and dad) were with us, so it was a good day!
I love the picture of Eden getting ready for bed. She loved the idea of us sleeping on the sofa bed. She was so excited that first night. Of course she brought some special friends with her to Florida again. Baby, Baby, Big Baby and Seahorse really enjoy their vacation to the beach, especially Seahorse since he/she lives in the sea and was so close to family that was in the ocean. Big Baby isn't in the picture below, she makes to much noise and slept by herself on the table.
Eden was so anxious to get on the beach that first day. I know I keep saying it, but I love taking photographs of her! God is so Good!!

Florida Vacation ---- First part of the week

Eden LOVES the beach and I loved taking these pictures!!! She is such a little character and always has us smiling and laughing! She loves it, knowing that she can make us laugh. She really cracked me up when she (remember, this is a 2yr old talking) told me, "Mommy, I want a surfboard", "When I get big I'm gonna ride surfboard". By the end of the week she was telling us " When I get big I'm gonna shave my knees, wear a bra, potty in the "Big" potty like Mommy and Daddy, sleep in my big girl bed and ride a surfboard." She is so funny! Lets hope she does/learns the potty thing first. Ha Ha!
We did visit the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse one beautiful day. There was also a little play ground area there that Eden & I went to while MeMe & Pappy climbed to the top of the Lighthouse (all 203 steps, I believe). Eddie and I love visiting lighthouses and this was the first one we visited and climbed in 1999. The play area had a good view of the lighthouse, Eden would stop playing at different times look at the top of the lighthouse and ask " Meme & Pappy up there Mommy?" I would answer yes and say, "Wave to them".... she would wave her little hand off while yelling "Hi Meme!, Hi Pappy!, Be Careful Guys!" Before leaving the Lighthouse grounds we were telling Eden to be careful, after playing she climbed a tree with the help of her Pappy.
A few weeks before leaving for the beach I had bought Eden a CD with Beach music on it. I would hear her singing a few words of several of the songs, but the Boardwalk song is the one she would sing the most. I would tell her when we get to Florida we will go to the Boardwalk and even walk under the Boardwalk. She liked that idea and of course I had to have a few pictures of it. I posted one here.

Florida Vacation ---- Last part of the week

Though we all had many highlights on our vacation this was one of the daily highlights for Eden----Pushing the buttons in the elevator. It also helped her to recognize her numbers when we would tell her what floor we needed.. Also, she like wearing the key bracelet to the pool. I will have to say she done very well with this. She always held it the same way, after it was placed on her wrist she would hold on very tight to the key in her hand as you will see in the pictures.
Eden's buddy at the beach was her Pappy. Need I even say that he spoiled her rotten, but that it not any different from any other time. That's what grandparents are for and I'm so glad Eden has grandparents that are CRAZY for her.
We had a beautiful sunny week in Daytona Beach, Florida. Just a great vacation, but we did miss Eddie/Daddy very very much! He worked that week and then he and a few good friends had a bike trip already planned to Bristol, TN (to the racetrack). Even though we spoke on the phone several times daily, Eden still asked about him often and also about Tallie (our dog). She now will say " Next time go to beach-----Daddy, Eden, Mommy------take Tal-dee to Sam and Sa-dee house." (Sam and Sadie are Uncle Kevin's dogs). We are planning a trip to Cape Hatteras, NC in September so I think she understands that we all will be together next time and we can't wait!!!!!

Sunday Afternoon At Granny Pam's---May 4th, 2008

Pictures taken by the pond.....
I love this picture! Eden with her cousin Robert.
Eden's cousins giving her a chance to play too.
Funny Girl.....

Friday, May 23, 2008

Some Pictures of Eden taken in April 2008

Finally updating our blog with some of my favorite pictures taken of our beautiful girl last month.