Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wednesday --- July 30, 2008

After Eden's gymnastic class today we stopped by her Meme and Pappy's before going home. Mom had handed me a bag with a few small items in it she thought would work in Eden's vending machine bank for her rewards for going to the potty. Then she said, "Oh, just go ahead and give it to her now." ----- Now??!! Everything in the bag? So, Little Miss Eden made out like a fat rat, I'd say! A few of the items she received you will be able to notice in the pictures because she had to put everything on. Almost everything.
Yes, she got new underwear. Off with the pull-up and on with the panties, she had to put on her new Dora socks even though the temp was in the 90's, on went the Snoopy bandages and Momma even got one, lets not forget her beautiful heart princess bracelet, Dora hairbands and so on. Eden then had to ride her cousin Shelby's Barbie Jeep (she is twelve yrs old now---out grown the jeep). Uncle Kevin was so nice to think of Eden, that she could get some play time out of it. Enjoy seeing the many faces of Eden!

Monday -- July 28, 2008

Just having fun.........

This is Eden's "I need to potty" face. And yes, she did make it inside to the potty in time. Still doing very well with this. Accidents are few and far between.

Hats For Everyone

Love that smile!!!! And the hats! Ha Ha! A friend of Eden's Meme, had this doll made for Eden. While playing she decided she and Tallie needed hats on like her Dollie.

VBS with Granny Pam

Eden attended a one day VBS with her Granny Pam and cousin Robert. I did worry about her since she would probably miss her nap and with her only a week into potty training but she would be with Granny, I knew she would be taken good care of and Granny would call me if she needed to. VBS was from 10:00am to 4:00pm, Eden made it until 1:00pm. Eden fell asleep within a minute from leaving the church and didn't wake up when I carried her inside the house. Later on that afternoon she was telling me about her time at VBS, that she learned (in her words) about baby Moses in the basket in the water, that Granny took her picture of her holding her name tag, her art project that she poured and had to shake side to side and also she said, "Momma, I cry at vacation bible school." (of course I knew this since Robert had to call me to pick her up and also that was the first thing she had said to me when I picked her up) I asked, "Why sweetie, you where having fun?" She replied, "I cry for my Momma and Daddy", I want them and Momma, I have an accident at vacation bible school. Granny changed my pull-up." I had told her that that was o.k. if it happened. So after she said this to me I reassured her that it was o.k. that she did good at VBS and she might have some accidents but it was o.k. she was still doing so well with potty training. Her reply was "But Momma, I had two accidents. That's what started it Momma, that's why I started to cry for my Momma and Daddy." Of course it being her nap time come in to play also but still my heart broke and melted at the same time. All I could do was go to her and hold and hug her and I never wanted to let go.

First week of potty training

This picture was taken on the first day of potty training. Eden is sharing her starburst candy (that she got as a reward from her vending machine bank) with her baby. She is also wearing big girl underwear. She only had one accident on this day. Pretty good way to start out, we thought. We are so proud! Another day of landscaping and our little helper already has her shovel wanting to help. We actually took her Elmo potty outside to make it easily available for her and I'm very proud and happy to say that on day two ---NO ACCIDENTS!!-----HEY!!!!!!!!

Taking a Birthday card and Balloon to our sweet friend Jill.

Jill and Eden

Our little girl is growing up

You might just think these are only pictures of our little baby girl playing in the park. That is true but when I see these pictures of Eden, my thoughts are "This is the last day my baby wore a diaper. My little baby is now growing into a little girl."
It was time. I knew it was time a month or two ago but.....she's a baby, she's my baby. The big day was Saturday, July 12th. When I took her diaper off that morning it was as dry as when I had put it on her from the night before and since then she has only had three "overnight" accidents in her pull-up while sleeping. Eden went straight from a diaper to Big girl underwear and she is doing amazing!!! It's been about three weeks now. She wears a pull-up while sleeping and when we leave to go out, but she will do her best not to "go" in her pull-up. I will have to give it to her, because she has had very few accidents in them. But, first thing in the morning and/or as soon as we get home she gets that pull-up off and puts her "panties" back on.
Eden loves the praise, high fives and most of all the rewards for using her Elmo potty. She gets a coin or two after using the potty. She will go straight to her new vending machine bank that we had found at Wal-Mart. The vending machine bank gets filled with M&M's, Skittles, Starbursts, Bubble Gum, Bandages(she loves playing with them), nail polish, PEZ candy, Dora hairbands, etc. We also started another reward system that we call "Pulling from the Pillowcase". This just happens about once a week but Eden loves the surprise of what she might pull out. Even now, three weeks into potty training she is doing so well and I'm also beginning to notice that the praise we give her is enough for her accomplishment. We don't seem to be going to the vending machine every time now. She is our baby! Now, she is our "little" Big girl.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hard Worker

Here is something you might not know about our little girl-----She loves to help or be involved with everything! She will put down a toy to help you with something and on this warm July day she didn't want to be left out. We have decided to finish a few house projects and then put our house up "For Sale". On this day we started working on our landscaping. How many people could work outside (about) all day with a two year old? We can!! She was so good on this day. When she seen the shovels for Eddie and me to use, she went and got her little shovel and her wagon. We took mini breaks and played in the water to cool down during the day but she always went back to "working". We tell her all the time that she is such a good little helper, now she will say it to us, "I'm a good ole helper" and just give us the big beautiful smile.

July 4th

A few pics of Eden around the house on the 4th.
Our very happy girl!!! Gosh, we LOVE that smile and laugh!!!!

Hugs for Tallie! Taking Tallie's picture......
Look Tallie at your pretty picture!!


Eden loves loves loves going to her gymnastic class every Wednesday!!! On July 2ND, the girls "performed" for family and each received ribbons.

Pics from June

Eden was so excited to wish her Daddy a "Happy Fathers Day" and give him his card and gift. Eddie came home from work sick that weekend. He was probably only out of bed three or four times (15-20 minutes each if that long) on Father's Day, but Eden made sure that he knew it was his special day by going and getting his gift each time and yelling "Haaaaapppppy Father's Day Daddy!!!!" Also, if she heard him coughing (from back in the bedroom) she would yell, "You o.k. Daddy? You need anything Daddy?" To be so young, she has such a huge Heart!!!!!
Eddie feeling lots better a couple days later. Eden (with the help of Momma) made him some peanut butter cookies.

We also dog set little Cloey for a couple of weeks.