Saturday, August 25, 2007

July 2007 Pictures

We were playing with the flash cards when we came to one that pictured a pair of pink high-top tennis shoes (even had the star like her Chuck Taylor's) . Eden is definitely a shoe girl. So, we went to her closet to get her shoes.......these two pictures are of her recognizing that her shoes are just like the pair on the card. Eden loves to count her ducks in the tub. O.K. she can't count yet, but believe us, it won't be long. She is a smarty! Eden attend bible school and had a blast! She was the youngest one to attend and there were two other beautiful girls in her class, Rachel (Ray-Ray) and Maddie (Mad-Mad). She still sings two songs from bible school. Well, lets just say she sings a couple of words from each song.

July 4th Pictures

Eden likes her popsicles (she calls them bops), she also likes hanging out with her cousin Shelby and her friend Brittany helping them eat their bops. Eden really concentrates when she is working on something, but believe us when we say that those little ears are still taking in everything going on around her. And, we couldn't leave the mall without riding a ride (or two, or three).

June 2007 Pictures (More Summer fun!)

Eden loves being outside playing and we are all really enjoying our summer together. Eden went on her first pony ride and also was a BIG dare-devil when she wanted to try the tunnel slide. She laughed all the way down. Of course it was the baby tunnel slide but we thought she was so brave. She likes being busy all the time from carrying things, to pulling, riding, moving things around, etc. you name it.....and you know, this is a real workout for such a little (in size) but strong minded little girl, so she just has to take a few minutes out for a water break and rest. What better place to do that then on her Boom-Boom.

June 2007 Pictures

Eden is really enjoying the start of summer. In the first picture, Eden had noticed that the flower pot she had helped momma with, had been moved to the front of the house. The next picture is one of my favorites, o.k. they are all my favorites, but this one I truly love!! Eden only "paused" for seconds.......took her hat off and laid up against the house and was in deep thought. The next pictures are Eden with her Greatma and Pokie, Eden & Daddy on Father's Day having a cool treat and the last is Eden looking for her you see it?

May 2007 Pictures

Happy 1st Mother's Day! I had a wonderful day with my very special and beautiful daughter. But then again, everyday is wonderful since she was placed in my arms. How could it not be with this ray of sunshine in my life. Thank you Lord. In the other pictures you will see: Eden playing with her new baby, Eden cheesing for the camera and showing off the flowers she helped momma plant, Eden seeing daddy's "Big Truck" for the first time and the last picture is Eden looking pretty in her pink outfit (one of many) that we brought home from China.

Friday, August 24, 2007

April 2007 Pictures (cont..)

I just had to add a few more pictures that were taken in the month of April. I'm so glad a had the camera ready when Eden welcomed her daddy home after a day of hunting. Also, you will see Eden playing with one of her favorite toys at her grandparent's house. Notice her pretty dress and fancy socks (Thanks Shagg & Sue). My, she's beautiful! What a face in the bathtub picture. Just adorable!!! And, Eden with her Pappy. Can you tell that they just might like each other a little?

April 2007 Pictures (Easter)

Eden received her first Easter card and as you can see, she loved it!! Thanks Jill!! She was ready to get into her Easter basket that Sunday morning. Yes, Eden is her Momma's daughter..........she loves chocolate and chocolate with peanut butter is even better. She looked so pretty in her Easter dress and she did hunt eggs that afternoon, but it was really cool that day and she was more interested in the water bottle.

March 2007 Pictures

March gave us a few weeks of very warm weather and we learned then that our little girl loved the outdoors. In the pictures you will see Eden's MeMaw (whom she now calls MeMe)showing her the windchimes, Eden on her Pappy's new toy, Pink hat baby, Eden seeing her first spring flower, and Eden sharing a moment with Tallie in the warm sun.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

February 2007 Pictures

A month (to the day) after we arrived home Eden started walking. She wasn't even crawling in China until a couple days before coming home. Eddie was working with her and she crawled on the bed, but once we were home she started building those leg muscles up and she took off. The first picture was taken the day she took her first steps (2-5-07). It was and still is funny because once she started walking (just days afterwards) she thinks she can do anything.---- Like walk and carry everything , even if it is bigger then her!! She is a hoot!!!
As you can tell she rides pretty well in her car seat. We didn't have any big issues with that adjustment. She loves looking at her books and riding on her pony from Uncle Kevin, Aunt Tina and cousin Shelby. Not only ride the pony, but since she is now learning to walk, she loves to pull the pony and move him all around the room. Another important thing Eden learned this month was to show her muscles. As you can tell, she really gets into this!! She is a cutie!!! And, the last two big things that happen the month was ---- Eddie and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary and we also decided that I would not return back to work (outside of the home). So I am now a homemaker, stay at home mom, full-time mom.......whatever you want to call it......I like to call it "Being Very Blessed"!!!!! God has truly blessed our family!!!

January 2007 Pictures

A few days after arriving home from China, we celebrated Eden's birthday, just the three of us. We were still feeling the effects of jet lag, but how wonderful it was to be together with our daughter for this special day. A week later we had a few pictures taken of Eden in a dress I had bought especially for our first birthday celebration. Also in January, Eden attended church for the first time. Our family at New Victory Baptist couldn't wait to see her and welcomed her with a lot of smiles, hugs and kisses. Eden done very well with all of the attention. As you can see in the picture she had fallen asleep by the time church ended. We had Christmas with family this month also. Eden really enjoyed tearing the paper on her presents, playing with her gifts, but most of all you could tell she loved being with everyone, her family.