Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Things -- March 6, 2009

So what does a little big girl want to do when she gets a couple of new items? ---To do a photo shoot with her new things.-------- After running a few errands we stopped by Wal-Mart before coming home, Eden got a couple of new items (not toys) --- a new orange (her favorite color) straw sippy cup and a pink stepping stool. She was so proud of her new things. I love that the small things make her over the moon. Will it stay this way????? I hope so. ha ha! I know this one blurred and the lighting isn't great but I still love it. I love that smile!

Eden and Ellie (her soft pink elephant that she named herself).


And, this is when she asked me if she could stand and jump off of her stepping stool. Well, she at least asked me first.....ha.......So, I told her only one time.........o.k. maybe three times.

Ready, set, go!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

February Update -- Part I

Eden's dental surgery was on Feb. 3rd. Due to having a cavity behind her top two front teeth, she needed to get it filled and the two teeth capped.

We didn't say anything to Eden about what was going to happen until the day before. The procedure was going to be done at the surgery center so after telling her she had a dentist appointment the next day we also needed to tell her it would be at a different place. She would have said right off, "This isn't the dentist office" if we hadn't told her. I sat her on my lap and told her,........ " the dentist needs to fix your teeth but to do that you will have to go to to help you sleep they will give you a little medicine. Momma talked to the nurse today on the phone and Guess What???!!! She said you get to ride in a red wagon! Doesn't that sound fun!!!!???!!" Of course she loved that idea. I also let her know that Momma and Daddy would be there with her but we knew that she was going to be a very brave girl.

She done excellent!!!! She got to pick out a toy and a movie while waiting in the red wagon. A nurse brought a small cup of medicine and I was hoping and praying she would drink it all up just like she does (now) at home, but there were so many people around her now..... (When she had RSV (Jan 2008) that is when we had to hold, force, etc. oh, I don't like to think about then-----medicine was everywhere, she was screaming bloody murder, I just knew it was going to scar her little mind forever, but several months later when she needed to take some medicine she done a total three sixty and has done good ever since.) The nurse ask if I wanted to give her medicine to her and I did.......So, I bent down and said, "Hey brave girl, this is the medicine that will make you sleepy." Eden opened her mouth, drank & swallowed ALL of the medicine and looked at the nurse standing on the other side of her and said, " Now I need a drink to help it go down to my belly." THAT'S OUR GIRL!!!!! The nurse was so happy to give her "a little" drink and kept telling her what a big girl she was. It wasn't long before our little girl started getting a loopey and then it was time to take her into surgery. They were going to place the gas mask on her to put her under enough to put in the IV, etc. The anesthesiologist asked her if she would like to go for ride in her wagon and that was it, Eden was saying bye to us and taking in our kisses and hugs. ----- We should have asked for some of that medicine to help us....ha...... That was an awful, awful feeling watching her go into surgery. I would tell myself it was dental surgery..... but surgery is surgery and anything could happen.....what if she didn't do well with the anesthesia? But, saying that and feeling the pain in my heart (and stomach), I still found a peace down deep knowing that she was in God's hands. Thank you Lord !!!

Dr Brandi said that everything went well, it was good we didn't wait because the two teeth had gotten a lot worse----fast! (which we knew, but she talked like the teeth wouldn't have lasted but a couple of more months). Eden is also missing some teeth (which we already knew). Dr Brandi was able to get some more x-rays, they are also showing that Eden might be missing a few of her permanent teeth also (on the sides). We will deal with that when that time comes. The doc also commented on the ridges in Eden's teeth being really really deep for baby teeth in someone so young.

When Eden awoke she was NOT happy at all!!! Which was to be expected. This part was worse then going into surgery. She was doing the stiffened body, head thrown back, screaming MAD cry when we got to her. You could tell the nurse was having a hard time, but I immediately took her and once she felt, heard and seen her daddy and me she began to calm down. She would fall back to sleep for a minute or so and then awake crying that soft "Please, momma and daddy -- make the pain go away" cry. Our hearts were breaking. It wasn't long and she was released. After getting into the car she fell back asleep and slept all the way home.

Here is our brave girl not long after getting home from her dental surgery.

And here she is the next morning eating breakfast. She asked for sausage and juice.

A couple days later it was warm enough to get outside for some fresh air.

Pure Beauty!!

A week or so later we had gone through snow, ice and a very bad wind storm. Eden asked to "help" Daddy before taking her nap. It had warmed up again (what strange weather we had in February). She is such a good "little" helper.

I love this picture! It's not so much the pic but what she was doing------running to me. I was on the phone and looked out the side door and decided to snap a few pics of my two loves. When she seen me she laid down her big push broom and came running to me SO excited and squealing. I had opened the door thinking she was coming in, but instead she wraps her arms around by legs and presses her whole body into me, squeezed my legs hard saying, " Mommy, I looooovvvvvvvee you! Isn't it such a beautiful (boo-tee-full) day? The sun is shining!!!!!" " I'm going back to the garage, Daddy might need my help. O.k. --- Bye Mommy!" -------- My heart just melted!!!!! I can't believe I captured this moment and her sweet, pure innocent excitement.

Daddy and Eden

This is another favorite picture ---- Eden reading Clifford the Big Red Dog to our 14 yr old furry family member, Tallie and also to a few of her favorite dolls and her two seahorses. Eden and I both thought that Tallie really enjoyed the Clifford books, ha ha!

Eden with her special Valentine gifts from Daddy.

and.... her Valentine goodie bag from Mommy (and Daddy).

February Update --- Part II

In February, we had a pancake supper (really it was a late lunch) with a group of our good friends. All of the guys work together and are really good friends and the ladies all became fast friends too. With it being winter we had to move things inside and Chuck & Deb have a HUGE extra detached garage (Chuck's man cave, ha ha), it gave us more then enough room plus central heat & air so we were warm, and even a bathroom so we were all set. The guys cooked and it was delicious! Eden had a great time and she took along with her her tricycle, china baby, frog chair, her cars, car mat and cars books. We knew one family wouldn't be able to be there with their daughter Ashley, whom Eden had a wonderful time playing with last time, so we wanted to make sure she would have enough things to play with.
Chuck and Deb had a new Little People book for Eden also and she loved it and all of the attention that was lavished upon her! ha!
We can't wait for the next get together!

Pat & Eden

Chuck & Deb, Melissa, me and Eden

Laughing, laughing and more laughing!

Bill, Eden and Pat

I never did post pictures from our cookout that we had last September so here they are. Again we had a wonderful day with everyone!

Eden and Ashley-----Sept. 2008

Some of the guys playing football.

The girl just having fun!

Some of us playing corn-hole.

Hanging out by the fire.

And, also I've posted a video of Eden giving "Uncle" Dave a "silly" birthday gift from everyone. David is single and the guys give him a hard time about his love life, so when Eddie found a tee-shirt that said "Captain Love" on it he couldn't pass it up.