Monday, April 21, 2008

Sunday Afternoon

After church today I just had to take a few pictures of our beautiful girl.

Eden having a little talk with Tallie. "Tal-dee, don't roll around in grass, o.k. ........"
...."I mean it Tal-dee, No rolling in grass!" -------- Tallie did not listen to Miss Eden. See video.

Our Potato Girl 4-14-08

Eden always gets to help me in the kitchen when I'm using the mixer. She loves to help Mommy with whatever! But, she really likes to help hold the mixer. On this night we were making mashed potatoes (She LOVES ANY kind of potato). Of course, she got to "lick" the mixers.

Eden's First Visit to the Library 4-14-08

Eden enjoyed her first library visit very much! "Books, Books, Lots Books!"----- is what she first said after entering the library. She loves books and seeing this many in one place just amazed her. The first book she pulled out had Mickey Mouse on it. She also stayed for story-time and made a frog "funny" hat.