Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Few Extra Pictures from March 2009

We enjoyed a visit from Ryan and Evan. Eden brought some of her "baby toys" out, (she came upon these toys a couple of months ago and ask who they belonged too. When I told her they were some of her baby toys and I was wanting to keep them she asked, "Why". So I explained because they were special, we had taken some of them to China for her to play with and showed her the ABC/123 blocks that Santa had given her, her first Christmas -- in China. She started smiling and said, "Mommy, I was playing with them and we have pictures." She was we then went and looked at our pictures taken while in China. So now these are "special" little toys to her.) so, she wanted to share them with Evan. She is a thoughtful little girl. He liked them a lot and that made her happy. She then said she just had to hold him in her lap. Evan is almost bigger then she, so this was funny, but I thought the picture turned out cute. Is this not the sweetest! Look at those smiles! (Eddie is holding one of the blocks Eden received on her from Christmas from Santa.)

Eden made Yogurt Pops from a recipe in one of her Highlights magazines. She chose to make Blueberry. We also went through all of her spring and summer clothes to see what she was still going to be able to wear,......spring is here. She cooperated very well since it did take awhile to complete this task. But we had fun with it and by the end she was striking a pose (she did this on her own) and was cracking me up. I've got to try to get a picture of her doing that. And, also as you can see with the pjs she has on.......she is ready for warmer weather.

Making Lemonade and enjoying a Lemon

This taste pretty good.

Eden got mail ...............

It's a card from her Greatma with cute doggies on it.

Taking a stroll down to the ponds by Pappy and Meme's house. Wonder what all we will see today?

(Doesn't this picture look so funny?!!!? Eden has a baby-doll in her lap but you can only see her legs).

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Special Things From Eden

These two special items I wanted to (finally) share with everyone. The drawing in her right hand was made for Eddie and me on November 17, 2008. This was our "first" weekend away (Eddie and me) from Eden since returning home from China (Jan. 2007). Though she adjusted to Eddie's work schedule (him being away four days out of the week driving for Wal-Mart transportation) very well, she never has spent the night with anyone without Mommy & Daddy........... She did try on Memorial Day weekend 2008. My parents were over and asked her to go home with them, we (Eddie and I and probably them too) expected her to say No like she had said before when asked. They had only asked her a few times before, but this time she said Yes! She even went and got her bag with her baby and some other things in it. When she got in the car to go I tried to smile and be upbeat even though my heart was in my stomach. They left and Eddie and I didn't say a word for about 30 minutes (seriously), still stunned that she went. It was late when they left that night but within a couple of hours our phone rang......"She's o.k. We are leaving now to bring her home" my mom was saying.... She wants to talk to you." She placed the phone up to Eden and she was heartbroken and said "Mommy, I'm coming home." When she arrived back home, at that moment we knew that unless it was an emergency she would not be spending the night with anyone (without us) for a while. It was still too soon for her (o.k. probably for us also. Ha ha!) So,........later that year (late Sept/early Oct 2008) I started talking to her and asking if she would like to have Meme and Pappy over to spend the night with "just" her? Mommy and Daddy might be going out of town and instead of her going to their house "she" could have them over to "her" house to help "her" take care of Tallie and her, Meme and Pappy could sleep in Mommy and Daddy's bed, and they could play with "her toys" and maybe do, go or make some other special plans of things to do while we were out of town, but we would still be able to talk on the phone like when Daddy is away at work. SHE THOUGHT THIS WAS A GREAT PLAN!!!!!!! She/We talked about it often for about a month and when the time came I knew she would be just fine and she was! She spent the day in Somerset and that evening they came back home and Eden done great!!!!! So the drawing in her right hand is of Daddy, Mommy, Eden and Tallie (Meme did help with this and the other project too.) She gave it to us when we returned home. I will cherish it forever!
And the one in her left hand was our 2009 Valentine card that she cut out (two hearts) and painted one day while at Meme and Pappy's house. The cute/funny thing about the Valentine card is she brought it home and told me that it was a secret and she was suppose to hide it until Valentines Day then she would give it to Daddy and me. It was hard not to laugh, so I just encouraged her to go hide it. Of course I was watching her when she went into her bedroom, went to her bed and lifted up the bedding and then lifted up her mattress cover sheet and placed the envelope on the side of her mattress and then covered it back up with the mattress cover sheet. I still can't believe I didn't start laughing out loud! She was working so hard and it turns out that she did a pretty good job because it stayed there and didn't bend up or anything. On Valentines Day, Meme reminded Eden to give it to us. She didn't get it until it was time for bed. I guess that is when she remembered, but she was so so so proud of it and it is beautiful and special to us!

Friday, April 17, 2009

DISNEY ON ICE --- March 13, 2009

Back on Friday the 13th of March, Eden, her Meme and Me traveled to Lexington to see Mickey, Minnie and friends (Disney on Ice) at Rupp Arena. We all loved it and plan on trying to attend the next time they come back to perform in our area. Eden done really well and was amazed at all of it. She loves the princesses but we had only read the stories (most of them) up until this point, but that has now changed. She is all into the movies now, so it's not just the Disney Cars movie anymore.

Eden's Meme and Pappy gave her the Cinderella DVD for Easter and like her Cars DVD, we have watched it often. She sings the songs and it is so sweet. Talking about the music in the movies, she loves the songs in the Disney Cars movie so much that her Daddy made (downloaded) her a CD with all of the music. She loves it is an understatement! It is in our car and that is the first thing out of her mouth once we get in and go, "Mommy (or Daddy) can you please put in my Cars CD and start it at the beginning?" But that is not it.....She can sing the songs very well!!!! She has her own title for every song also. Her title relates to when the song is played in the movie. Her favorite song is the Rascal Flatt's version of Life is a Highway (Her title for that song is "Mac driving Lighting to California). There is also songs my John Mayer, Sheryl Crow, Brad Paisley, etc (four or five are orchestra performances only). She (We) enjoy them all. I'm waiting for her to ask, "Daddy, can you make me a CD with Cinderella music, Little Mermaid music and Beauty and Beast Music for the car also?" (and after watching the other princess movies they will be added to the list, Ha! Ha!)