Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Sick Little "BIRTHDAY" Girl Turned TWO.............

Eden had her 2nd Birthday on January 10th, but our poor little baby girl didn't feel much like celebrating. Eden actually was in the doctor's office on her birthday. .....Yuck!! The doctor said that Eden had the RSV virus and she was going to feel even worse before starting to feel better. She sounded and felt so bad came upon her so fast. I couldn't imagine her feeling worse, but she did get worse. She was taking five different medications for the first week, then we were able to cut down to three. She definitely was a sick little baby. She started feeling better about a week ago and it is so good to see her appetite coming back and YES I will say it......her energy level getting back to "Eden's" normal. Eden has always had LOTS of energy and it broke our hearts to see her feeling so bad that she just sat in our laps and did nothing for feeling sooooo awful. There were some days that she just wanted to play a little, that consisted of sitting in the floor and looking at her books and playing her puzzles for about 15 to 30 minutes, then she would rest again for hours. So, we hope and pray that Eden never has a birthday feeling this bad again, but she has many, many more to celebrate.

Eden received many cards (in the mail, which she loves) and was given many gifts. She loves them all. Thanks!! I like this first picture, Eden was starting not to feel so well when it was taken, but she still was caring for her baby by making sure she had a pillow and blanket.

Eden receiving her first birthday card in the mail.

Coming home from seeing the doctor, Eden received MORE cards in the mail.

When Eden looks at this picture she says, "Daddy--rub Eden back".

Eden sees something interesting....
Blowing out her candles.
We love seeing that "SMILE".
Eden starting to feel better.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Sunday--Jan. 6, 2008

Relaxing on a Sunday afternoon........

Decisions, Decisions.....'s hard for a little girl to decide which bag (purse) to carry. Eden now has six purses and she loves them all. When we leave the house she almost always remembers her bag and wants to take it with her. At that time she will chose just one.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

December 31, 2007

These two pictures were taken the last day of "2007". Eden with her two favorite guys, her Daddy & her Pappy. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!!!! MAY YOU HAVE A GREAT "2008"!!!! Our Baby Girl (and her special items that she could not leave the house without).

December 30, 2007 -- Christmas at Granny Pam's

Daddy & Eden ready to party at Granny Pam's Eden loved her gift that her Granny Pam made her!!! She carried them everywhere (her pillow, blanket and new bag).
Eden showing her gift to her cousins.
Thank You Granny!!!
It's Eden's turn and this special gift is from her Aunt Kenna......
(Cousin) Brittany helping Eden....
It's a pretty purse (bag).....
with headbands and YES, a new pair of glasses!!!
Checking out all of her goodies.

Playing sweet music.

Later that night at home. Eden tried on her apron that was also made for her by her Granny.

The Week After Christmas.....

Eden playing with her new baby and stroller...... Eden got mail again!! She loves it!!! She's showing Pluto her card with stickers!

Thank You Nick and Laura for my card with stickers!
Momma, do I have to take down my Christmas tree????


Our family had a wonderful and blessed Christmas together!! Eden loved everything from Santa and after opening a few presents she was ready to start playing. That was o.k. with us so she played a little, but it wasn't long before she wanted to open the next present. But........we will have to say that when Eden first got up she was a bit overwhelmed. We love all of our pictures of that morning. Here are a few ( o.k. a lot).

First picture take of Eden on Christmas Morning 2007..... Eden went to see if Santa ate the cookies & milk.
Seeing her stocking.....
Santa left me some stickers and presents! And doggie treats for Tallie too!!
What all is in my stocking???
Opening her first present.

More pics from Christmas morning.