Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Evening at Pap & Meme's

Eden had a blast at her grandparents house Christmas night, as did all of us. As much as she loved her presents and new toys & books, she could not stay away from Amelia, her little (seven month old) cousin. Eden wants to be around her all the time. To love on her, touch her, (help) change her diaper, etc..... Eden loves Amelia!!! But, how could you not just look at that precious face. "Hi Amelia, it's me, Eden".
Kisses, Kisses, Kisses...
Special Little Ones...

Christmas Evening.........cont.

Our happy girl with one of her favorite things..........A GOOD BOOK (or two or three). Eden is a SPECIAL BLESSING FROM GOD!!!!
What did Pappy do to make Eden laugh and smile so BIG......
Elmo!! Pappy got her the singing Pizza Elmo.

Christmas Evening........cont.

Did we mention that Eden LOVES books!!!! (and I just love this picture) Cousins --- Shelby, Eden & Morgan (Amelia's Mommy)

Last Christmas--This Christmas

Christmas Day 2006 in China walking into the Adoption Center to finalize our family adoption. 2006 Christmas Night
2007 Christmas Night
The Bradshaw Family-----2007 Christmas Night

Friday, December 28, 2007

Leaving Cookies Out For Santa

Eden carried the cookies and Momma helped her out by carrying the milk over to the table to leave out for Santa. After Eden placed the cookies on the table, she touched the framed picture taken in China last Christmas Eve just minutes after Eden was placed in our arms and in that sweet voice, simply said " Momma, Eden, Daddy".

December 24, 2007 --- Gotcha Day

We can't believe that a year was already gone by since Eden was placed in our arms and we became a family.
Eden, you were first born in our hearts and in God's wonderful plans, He brought us together on Christmas Eve 2006, in China. We can remember every little detail of that day. It will be forever etched in our minds and our hearts. That day was filled with so many emotions. We were nervous and very excited at the same time and though our eyes were filled with tears of joy that whole day, our hearts also felt sad at the thought of the adjustments and changes that you were going to go through. We just prayed that you would feel ALL of the LOVE that we have for you, feel safe and secure and that it would all be O.K.. We can say that it was and is BETTER then O.K. We know that it is God's Will that we are a family. Our hearts overflow with LOVE for you and we are overjoyed that God chose us to be your parents. We cannot image our lives without you!! You are our baby, our angel, our daughter. We love you so very much!!!

Last night when we stopped by my parents house for a quick visit, Eddie and I received a Christmas present from Eden (with the help of her Pap & Meme). She had made us an ornament with her sweet little hand print pressed on it. We were so surprised and just loved it!!! In these pictures it is hanging on the Christmas tree (big white oval ornament) above the panda bear. ------ Thank you Eden and Mom & Dad!!!! It is so special to both of us!!
With this being our Forever Family Day (Gotcha Day), we gave Eden a few little gifts. They were given to her in a special stocking.-----(Last year upon returning to our hotel room from meeting Eden at the Adoption Center, we walked in to find this Christmas stocking laying on the bed filled with different candies.)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

December 23, 2007

Sunday morning came early for our sweet shaggy haired little girl and when she woke up Eddie went to get her. When they were coming down the hallway, I heard Eden softly say, "Daddy home" "Daddy home" and Eddie answered her, "Yes Angel, Daddy's home". Eddie had gotten home from work Saturday evening and Eden was so glad to see him. She misses him so much when he is working. So, her saying this again Sunday morning was so sweet! I know it melted Eddie's heart. I just had to take a picture of them at that moment. We had a big (and long) day ahead. First up was church. After Sunday School the little ones sang Happy Birthday Jesus and We Wish You A Merry Christmas. Eden hesitated at first, but when the children started singing, she was ready to stand up beside them and sing also. After church we had lunch at a Chinese restaurant in Somerset before going to see Santa. When we were in line to see Santa, Eden was SO EXCITED!! She kept pointing and saying Santa, Santa with the BIGGEST smile on her face and also saying, Turn, Eden Turn. ( She understands what it means to have to wait your turn.) But things got alot different when it was Eden's Turn. Eddie sat her in Santa's lap and she wasn't having any of it. When he was walking back so they could take her picture, she started arching her back and stiffening up all over, throwing out her arms and legs..... I do believe Santa found out just how strong our little girl is. Eddie (and I ) call her our bionic baby. She is so strong and powerful, but most of all, it is her determination. In the end, all three of us had our picture taken with Santa. We all had a wonderful day. After spending time at the Mall, we then stopped by Wal-Mart before going to visit with Eden's Pap & MeMe. It was a long day and Eden was an Angel (and she had only napped for about thirty minutes). That's our Girl!!

December 22, 2007

Eden's little Christmas tree ---- I wanted a picture of her sitting in front of the tree, but she didn't think that was such a good idea. She did lay Pooh down by the tree after I had taken this picture. On Friday evening (Dec. 21, 2007) after a day of running errands. Eden still had her stickers on that was given to her from our friends at the bank.
Before going to the Meece Christmas Party, we made a stop at Eden's Great ma's house to say Merry Christmas and to give out hugs.

December 22, 2007 ---- Meece Christmas Gathering

We got together with everyone at the Meece Family Christmas Eve Celebration. A few years back it was changed to the Sat. before Christmas Eve to make it easier for everyone to attend. When I (Gina) was growing up, this is how we spent every Christmas Eve, with my Ma maw and Papa Meece and my mom's eight brothers and sisters and their families. This year it was at my Uncle Mike's house and there was around fifty people there. I'm glad Eden got to be there this year, as I know last year during the Christmas Eve party all of the Meece family was following our journey in China, waiting to see the first picture of Eden and the new Momma & Daddy. This year she was there in person and she had a blast with everyone! She really enjoyed singing Christmas Carols in the play microphone and with her MeMe.

She can sing and play at the same time....
Playing with her cousins......
and giving out hugs

Friday, December 21, 2007

One year ago today............

One year ago today, (December 21, 2006)-- Our travels to China began as we boarded the plane in Louisville, KY..............To follow our journey to Eden click "the story of you" link that is located to the bottom right of the screen. WHAT AN AWESOME CHRISTMAS WE HAD IN CHINA!!!!!!!

December 2007 pictures

Trimming the Tree ----- Part One

After putting the tree up, Eden was so excited to place the first ornament on. Having a little trouble..........
She is determined to do this........She moves to the left side of the tree and tries again.......
SHE DID IT!!!!!!
Proud Girl!!!
After all of that hard work, I decided to put up a tree in Eden's room, so this ornament moved to tree #2.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Trimming the Tree.....part Two

Finished product of Tree #1. Starting on Tree #2 (for Eden's room)----On this tree she placed all of the ornaments on herself or told me where to place them if she couldn't reach it. She really enjoyed this and the first ornament I handed her, she immediately sat on the floor and tried to put it on her foot. The ornament was a pink converse high top tennis shoe with her name on it. Eden has a pair of these shoes ( they are to small now), but she recognized it immediately. I will have to post a picture of the finished product of tree #2.