Monday, November 24, 2008

Dental Appointment

Eden had another "First" this month, a dental appointment. She really done well. They couldn't believe she sat so still for them when they took the x-rays. But, I scheduled this appointment afraid they were going to confirm my fears after noticing a very (I really mean very very very)tiny "speck" on one tooth. We watched it for a couple of months but decided she needed to go on to the dentist now and yes they did confirm that it is a cavity. So, this "first" will have to be continued.
They had given her the sunglasses to wear. She is a Cool Cat!

Lunch & the Library

On this certain Wednesday after gymnastics class, Eden, my Mom and I went to lunch and then stopped by the library.
Returning her library books.

Working a puzzle. One of her favorite things to do.

Getting her library card out of her wallet. (Really it is Mommy's wallet that she ask if she could have to put her library card in and also her debit card!!!! How funny is that!!!!!

Time to go home.

Toys, Toys, Toys!

After receiving a small (Wal-mart) sales catalog in the mail several weeks ago, we decided to make an "art project" out of it since Eden was SO excited and saying that she was going to ask Santa for this toy, and that toy and so on. She has cut several pictures out (pictured below) but we still need to finish this project. She plans on gluing them to construction paper and giving it to Santa when she goes to visit him this year. So we will post pics of the completed project later. Oh, and I thought her comment was cute when she was finished saying, "Mommy, I'm done now, I need to leave some toys for the other boys and girls." My heart melted!!!!! I told her that she was being very thoughtful and nice and I was proud of her for thinking of others. LOVE HER HEART!!!!!!

But, yesterday at church a lady sitting behind us asked Eden what she was going to ask Santa for this Christmas. Eden gave her a BIG smile and said EVERYTHING!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Halloween 2008

Eden was a little under the weather, but she was still ready to bundle up (even though it was an exceptionally warm day) and dress up as Snow White for Halloween. After getting home she took everything out (one thing at a time) and placed it all in a line. In this picture, she was just getting started.

We love our Little Snow White!!!!